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So much to do! Even into this new year, I have a line of things to complete. Seems like I so often I put aside my art projects or writing ones to get “stuff” done. It took something random to remind me to have some fun.

While I was chopping onions, and getting ingredients together for our dinner, thinking about an upcoming baby shower, and wondering what book to read to the Kindergarten class, I turned on my tiny kitchen T.V. for background distraction. It landed on an episode of “Little House on the Prairie.” You know, an old series about a family on the prairie with a family of four daughters. Cute. On this episode, Mary (the oldest girl of about 12) was walking home from the little schoolhouse with her younger sister, Laura (about 10). Mary had her attention buried in a thick history book and it was annoying Laura.

“What are so busy reading, anyway?” Laura asked.
“History,” Mary answered. “I have a big test coming up.”
“Oh history is just about dead people.” Laura remarked, going into the family cabin.
Ma met her girls, took their bonnets and greeted them. “Ma, can I go fishing?” Laura asked.
“Not now Laura, you need to do your chores.”
“Aw, Ma,” Laura sighed. As she left to go do her chores she remarked loudly, “When I die, the history books will just say, Laura did not get to fishing enough!”

That line stayed with me. Hmm. Cute, but truth is in that. Didn’t go fishing enough – didn’t enjoy life enough. So, as I clattered about the kitchen, I wondered why I did not give myself enough time to do more art, or write my books. Things I enjoy. Like Laura wondered, do you let yourself go “fishing” enough?