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What does the world need – hard to answer. Probably everyone would have a bit of a different answer, conditioned by their world view, education, country, even feelings. If you follow the news, often it all seems like a clamor of needs and voices and difficulties that you hear.

But this is not a blog with opinions or political discussions. It is about a sweet breath of fresh air. I was privileged to hear a solution voiced from a totally unexpected source, who was sitting at my dinner table last night.

My husband and I were hosting some family members, and we were all hungrily looking at the oven-fried chicken, yams and sweet carrots in front of us. A little five year old girl sitting across from me was asked by her young father to ask the blessing.

All at the table followed her example and held hands. Cute, I thought as I looked at her happy little face. I love cute kid’s prayers. I listened and was actually astonished. This child eagerly and articulately thanked Jesus for the meal “that was prepared,” for the family and some other things. She paused a moment, grinned happily and with a shine about her, finished with “and God, please give the world a little more joy.”

Joy. That is definitely something the world needs. I can’t stop thinking about it. This child prayed clearly, full of simplicity and confidence (faith), and, I fully believe she is a picture of her passionate and strong generation.

Do have a day with joy included in it tomorrow, and all the days after.