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While I was washing the breakfast dishes, I tackled the narrow plastic Polar sports bottle that my husband was using so often on trips. It was a great bottle, and kept anything cold for a long time.

Well, he might love this bottle, but it was a bear to really scrub now that it seemed to be a bit stained by juice. Ugh. I gave up. He had owned it for a year now and it needed to be replaced. This particular Polar water bottle was especially light and had an inner lining that made it look cool. In our town there was only one place to find them and that was in the summer, not in January. A bit pricy, they tended to be either flowery, like mine, or more patriotic, like his.

I talked to God, while I got ready to go to town. The top of the bottle was in great shape, but I needed to replace the whole thing, of course. I prayed that I would find a new one, and went to the store. It was faith indeed, to even look, because it was the end of the Christmas sale. Distracted by all the good holiday bargains in the store, I forgot my mission, until I passed by a discount shelf. Where what to my wondering eyes should appear … but the bottom of a new polar bottle, beckoning me. It sat on the shelf with its red stripes, and no top. What? I picked it up, the only bottle on the shelf, or in the store, and it had a $3.00 price tag on it. As Is! Sold. I already had a cap at home. The bottom was all I needed. Wow. Amazing answer from the Lord.

I am freshly amazed regarding the interest of God in all my needs. Even a simple bottle bottom, waiting there on the shelf for me. Whenever you find yourself needing anything, remember my bottle bottom story. God cares about everything. Whew.