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So, my husband and I just returned home after a long, and delightful, travel-filled trip from Vermont to Virginia, to Maryland, to New Jersey, to ‘Christmas’ with family. This season had gone so quickly. We had hardly put up and decorated the tree we had cut and hung up various Christmas decorations in our new home before we left for this trip.

Now Christmas was over, and I brought up the red containers (to clue me into the contents), and down came the seasonal towels, and the table decorations. Away went the red and silver and green things that point to our celebration of Jesus birth so long ago. I couldn’t help but sigh as I carefully set them inside. Not until next year the container said with its top snapped on. Kind of seemed like a let down. Then, in my inner thoughts I heard, “don’t pack everything away. Keep out certain things all year.”

Hum? What?

Joy. The peace that Jesus came to bring. The kindness to other people. The happy response to the always alive Savior, Who was born one day long ago, but continues forever. Keep goodwill towards man, and the dancing lights in my eyes out all year.

Don’t pack away the good news! What Jesus gave us continues always in the hearts of is people. Christmas was just the beginning!