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Out in the fields on eternal night a group of sheep-watchers roamed among their flock as usual. For a while, it was just the quiet sheep, the vast, dark sky above, and  their own problems wrapped around their shoulders like cloaks…

Heaven’s Song came.

The sky burst open with angelic troops of heaven, glory light, praisings and loud proclamations of Joy.  The message and the praises ever reverberate now in our spirits:

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth, peace among men with whom He is well pleased.” (Luke 2:14)

What the angels sang in the sky to some shepherds is recorded forever to bring inner music to the hearts of those who love Jesus.  Hear the good news of spiritual prosperity, peace, favor, matchless grace and right-standing with God.  Catch that sound of good news inside yourself.  Let that song change you as you walk about your “fields” daily, watching over your family, your possessions and your life.

One night, a particular Night, changed the world forever.  Great news to all!  The world will never be without access to Jesus.  “Peace on earth, goodwill to men.”  Christmas forever.