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I was in a conversation on the cell phone with a young Mom, when she interrupted our chat with a call out to her toddler son, “Honey, why do you have baby Jesus in the back of your toy pick-up truck?”

“Cause the angel said I could,” he calmly answered. He resumed his business of zooming the little truck around the floor with the Baby Jesus figurine all wrapped in swaddling clothes inside.

I can imagine that scene, can’t you?
“Honey, where is Jesus going in the pickup?” the boy’s mom asked.
“To the airport, of course.” Of course. Hence the need for speed.

I mused how quickly Joseph and Mary could have gotten where they needed to go if they had a pick-up truck. Anyway, could Jesus really hang out with you in a truck in your imagination, as readily as a child can see it? Could he play with a toddler, or go your business, or be at the grocery store?

Well, since Christmas is a fitting and lovely remembrance celebration of the long ago birth of Jesus, and since He died, rose again and lives in His believers with His Spirit now….yes, He can and does. Jesus is with me in my car and on my excursions, You will meet Him in and among His people everywhere. Even in pick-up trucks with them.
Happy beginning of December. Happy anticipation.