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Today, when I was settling in for my morning Bible study time, I reached for a favorite devotional book, opening up where the little ribbon marker was, on November 9. My first reaction was surprise at the small remnant of pages left in the year! If we still used scrolls like in Bible times, it would just be a roll or two left. Turn, turn, turn, the pages of life…roll the scroll forward. So few pages left in this year. Soon we will be in the new year. I was realizing that even though I turn devotional pages forward, and flip my calendar over to a new month, when it comes, I am not really able, of course to control any day, or turn time back. I roll into each day as the Lord God Himself brings sunrises and sunsets.

God made the days, the seasons, the millennia. I can’t stop tomorrow’s page from being turned, and of course I wouldn’t want to. I am excited about the future because I trust the One who made it. Turn, turn, turn. Happy tomorrow!