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Which one will I volunteer?
There they sit on my porch steps – so jaunty and Autumn colored!
The one on the top step is the plump and sophisticated, decorator orange “sister”.
She sits unsuspectingly serene. The next step is the plump and glowingly orange perfect one, outshining the dried leaves settling about her. The small pumpkin, if you can rightfully call it one is resplendent in green and yellow stripes and boasts a fine fat stem. It rests happily on the third step.

I totally enjoy having a variety of pumpkins this time of year, Safe in my house sits the queen specimen, on my wooden coffee table. Ahh, the prettiest white Cinderella pumpkin, with the perfect skin and the wide skirt. This lovely will survive as long as I can confirm that it is not turning to mush on the bottom. She is not the one I will pick.
Neither is the curiously creamy orange beauty with the hilarious straw bumps all over it.

SO which one will I choose? For what, you ask? Why, for the seasons first batch of creamy, spicy squash soup that my husband makes. So, um, which one will volunteer to be the blessed donor? Miss “fat orange”, of course. I appreciate the sacrifice. I appreciate the soup. It was hot and seasonal, with a bit of hot spice kick, and little white soup crackers suspended on top. Oh, the autumn bliss. I will miss that pumpkin sitting on my step, though. SO what is Curcubita Pepo? Latin for my volunteer. Now, I will need to bake some pumpkin pies soon…