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Our new house we moved into is located right outside our new town, which is a very old, picturesque village that is charming. Although my husband and I drive into our adjacent city to meet our needs and visit friends, today was a different start. After breakfast, my husband and I ventured out to find the political party gathering to be held in the Grange. There it was, on the upper story of the very old little public library. Right next door to the library was the volunteer fire department, with an older engine showcased outside. A Very Waltons-like scene.

We entered a nice gathering of at least a dozen citizens, gathered to talk about getting involved in earnest in local and state politics. It was like we could really count here. Very intriguing. Echoes of the past filled the room as we gathered in the present. I am not originally from Vermont, but I have lived in several states, and now I am a Vermonter. Armed with hot coffee and very generous breakfast pastries, we listened to talks and preplans for the next elections on a local basis. It was invigorating to find out that many people are getting involved in their state’s government, and issues. Sitting at my table, I had a very clear mental picture, out of the blue, of a Paul Revere type riding a horse through the town and crying out, “Get out to vote”, as he passed through the village. Here I sat back in my country’s past, making plans forward for better times!

Back to the Future.