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For the gal who did not want to pick up the challenge to write blogs, and who actually argued with the Lord God about it, and who asked Him to inspire all her blogs if I would do it, well – writing a blog is fun, especially because I have good, responsive blog readers !

When I reached the time for blog #200, I was praying for ideas to celebrate the big one.
Then, mid evening on September 30th, a representative of a well-known Christian publishing company called me totally out of the blue. They had my name on their list because a couple of years ago I had entered their writing contest. When I did not win, I put that book on hold and wrote a couple of others. Then I prayed that God would have this publisher call me if I should publish that way. Ring, Ring. Wow. They asked if I had a book near ready to publish, and offered a great discount on the price to handle my manuscript and publish and distribute it .

Was I interested? This was the dream I had cherished for all my life, since I was about ten year old. What could I say? Celebration. Today I signed the contract. What a great way to celebrate my 200th blog. More coming later on this manuscript and the writing experience. Stay tuned for 201!