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“My help comes from the Lord, Maker of Heaven and Earth.”

God Almighty, God of the Universe…Who created all, handmade the billions of people on earth, and knows each one by name, Who loves each person and assigned each with a unique purpose – He is my Father God, and He hears my whispers and thoughts, collects my tears, and sends me help from His vast sanctuary!

As I sat at my little table early this morning to write and read and read my Bible, I had just sat down when I had the sudden thought captured me – ‘not astonished enough.’That got my attention! Watching from my seat near the sliding back doors, I could see the fringes of the orange morning sun reaching through the very tall pines in our backyard.

I pondered God for a moment. I do not have to hold up the planets with my words, know everything that is going on in Spain or everywhere, keep the sun the right temperature. My Father God keeps that sun on the perfect course he set for it…and at the same time He has set my own life on the course for me, keeping it as a surprise for me to discover with Him.

God is international, intergalactic, Maker of all dimensions, interplanetary, eternal. When I need help, when I need a listening ear, when I need love, He is faster than my prayer or thought.

Wow! I am astonished!