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Bare walls, no colorful pillows on the sofa – no sofa. Boxes load2136ed, – on our way!

We moved! Still in Vermont – even the same county, but now you are relocated to our own ‘country home’. It is so different, even though we are only three miles out from our city apartment.

Listen quietly, and you will catch the cicadas making music in the meadows. Sit on the wide front porch and you might catch the pair of hawks that like to circle elegantly above our pine trees.

Tada! Notice the new photo of the view I have outside my back sliding doors while I write. Such a rich place to look at while I work on books and my blog. Will deer peek out from the hidden forest paths? Will another little red squirrel scamper across my deck?

Welcome to new adventures with me as I tune into my surroundings and to God. This is a paradigm shift for me and a lot of yard work! I love the way this new place requires me to open my eyes wider and my ears too. Breathe my fresh air and watch the skies, and prepare to enjoy the new.