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Later last evening, I suddenly realized that if I was going to bake a coffee cake for church in the morning, I was going to need eggs and flour. We had had so much to do all day that I never even thought of grocery shopping. Whoops! So, off to the nearby grocery store, with my husband coming along. What a refreshing evening out, and the store wasn’t at all crowded. Stars were sparkling, and an air of evening adventure beckoned.

As we entered the store, it seemed so inviting. Focus, focus…
I came in for eggs and flour. Oh- a great bargain table over there. Two really nice new meat basters for almost nothing. We need a new one. Conveniently located near the bargain table was the peanut butter section, which reminded my husband that he wanted to have some of that available to put on celery for snacks.

No celery – go get some. To market, to market, to buy us some eggs, flour, basting syringes, peanut butter…

Right over there, we almost forgot – we need wasp repellant for a possible nest under our roof. Great stack of barbecue sauce on sale. We REALLY do need some of that. Oops, just remembered we need to bring paper plates to church tomorrow! Disaster averted.
Now, head right for the check out, right? Right after the fruit section to get some grapes and bananas.

To market, to market to buy us some eggs and wasp spray, and paper plates – and yes, we got the eggs!