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BibleIt was difficult to admit, but my favorite Bible really was falling apart. I have had it for years. A nice thick Amplified Version, wrapped in red bonded leather. I always took good care of it, but the cover is peeling in many places, and an actual chunk came off of the spine at the bottom!

I know my way around my favorite places in this Bible. I have spent years drawing little symbols in the margins, underlining passages, little notes in the corners. I even filled up all the blank note pages provided in the front and back, with verses and discoveries.

Sigh! The conditioned is worsening, unfortunately. I got to the point of not taking it out of the house, with hopes of delaying its infirmities…to no avail. Then, it split – from Ephesians to Revelation! Escaped the cover and took flight. Now, I practically have to put it on the shelf like a museum piece.

What to do? I have so much study pleasure enjoyed in this Bible. Get a new one. I know. Of course, I did. But it is so clean and crisp, with no underlinings. Like starting all over again.

Starting afresh. This same thing happened to my Dad, many years ago, and I remembered how hard he took the actual loss of his personal Bible, full of notes, too. And what did he tell me that the Lord made clear to him? Same as for me, start fresh and make new discoveries. Not depend on old notes. The Bible has new things to discover every day. Okay. Ready for new understanding and digging.

For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power [making it active, operative, energizing, and effective] … Hebrews 4:12(a)Amplified