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It’s 6:32 am, and there is a parade marching down the street! A woman with obvious
gladness is up near the front, bearing a large drum. A drum with a deep-throated sound…
Boom Ba-Boom! Boom Ba-Boom!

Up in the first place, in front of the drummer, are two people carrying a large banner that boldly proclaims “Celebrate with Thankfulness,” in glittery letters. The joyful and exuberant parade is making enough noise to awaken the neighborhood … except that the parade was in my inner heart, not outside.

A heart parade, Stirring me, Boom Ba-Boom, so early in the morning, because I am so thankful for the bright, sunny morning bursting over the mountains, outside my window.

A parade of inner joy that I hope marches in my heart all day.
My hope is that you have an inner parade, too.