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Peace came in special measure last evening.

Living in a city, even though it is a small Vermont city, steals a special gift from its dwellers I did not know I was missing until last night.

Three couples, including myself and my husband gathered at the countryside home of one of the couples and sat out in their big backyard beneath an open sky.

With the moon glowing behind us, we chatted and sang praise songs while two of the husbands played their guitars. They had a large, well-built fire pit and it was our illumination.

Fireflies romped, a few mosquitoes nagged, flames popped and hummed in their circle of stones. Circling about our legs was the hosts’ German Shepherd, nudging us for affection.

It was Ahhh in capital letters.

How many years has it been since I have seen Venus and Jupiter taking a night walk together in the canopy of the sky? They stunned all of us with their brilliant, silent shine…and the moon shone in response, and the trees stood still in wonder. Something deep in my country-starved heart was stirred deeply.

Now I know we were created to look up at God’s wonders a lot, and remember Him, marveling at what created beauty does for us. Find your night sky.