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All done. Finished this week! School is over. My elementary school where I work just served the goodbye cupcakes, did the cute step-up program, then sent the kids home for summer vacation. Whew!

But as for me – the Moment finally came! I am done. Retired young. It was what I knew the Lord was telling me to step into, but I was scared right up to taking my notice to the school office. After the system-wide faculty retirement party was done last night…I was poised for a new life. This writer has books to write and finish, art to complete, and other things to do now. Sooooo, I just got “wings”.

No sooner did I send my letter into the Superintendent of Schools, than God sent me, and my husband (the techie) to a writer’s seminar in our state. Wow, He means business! It was all about self-publishing, details to include, and promoting your work. Exciting, and complex, inspiring and exacting … truly a “reality seminar”. My dream come true, but I have to ruffle my feathers, jump off the comfort zone edge, and catch the updrafts.

When I ran into a friend at the grocery store today, I told her my big move into a new career, and told her God said to call this blog ‘Flying Lessons”. She practically squealed in agreement, confirming it all by telling me she had a recent mental image of eagles in flight, catching the winds, for herself. Cool. You can step out into the circle of new fliers, and fly forward to a new beginning in some area of your life, too. Be ready to soar!