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The flurry of memory making activity is increasing in my kindergarten class. Handprints put on little “diplomas”, parties planned, because graduation day is fast approaching. It is so cute how excited the children are.

After school, I was searching for some cards in the card section of a local store when my eye landed on kid graduation cards. I did not know they existed. Then I remembered I had three little grandchildren who were graduating from their various preschools. Forgot about that. I added the kid cards to the two cards I bought for the two highschool students who invited us to their separate ceremonies. It struck me, finally that there was a theme going on here!

Many years of my life have gone by without ever thinking of graduations, and now they were coming at me from all sides. Interesting, I was wondering about it out loud with God during a morning Bible time and then

I had just made a huge step in my own life – I retired! At the end of this school year I will be done. I am kind of graduating, you might say, to another phase of life – to writing and serving in my community and doing art work. Exciting. Entering into the staff room that next day, I walked into a huge surprise “new phase of life” party! I’m stepping out, getting promoted … moving forward. For real.

Sitting in the long and formal high school graduation of a friends exchange student, I was not really engaged in the speeches until a very imposing official stood up to take a brief turn before distributing the diplomas. His short story of his interesting life, going from one degree to another, and important career goal to another, was well told. His vigorous tip to the audience; Never Be Done. Never be done growing and learning! I am not retiring …I am climbing to a new place. Yahoo. You can have this great advice, too.