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Hmmm, an interesting description of … maybe New York City streets, maybe? Actually, this is a quote from the lips of a first grade girl regarding her school desk. Really. I was there. So I took a look inside that desk, and it really was a ‘jangled mess” just like she claimed. It seemed so funny and picturesque that I wrote it down on a scrap of paper. (One she gave me from her jangled desk).

Later that evening I cleaned out the scrap from my pocket and smiled again at the cute description. Then I got a mental image of my own writing, study, art desk, and , – well- that description applies there, too! Hmmm.

Okay, please do not come over and look at my own “jangled jungle” of pens and papers and half-done projects. Whew. Let me straighten it all up a bit. Compared to that child’s little jungle mess desk, mine would be classified as Storm Debris. In fairness to myself, I will do the clean up, some, but I need to leave it a bit Jangled for creativity’s sake.