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A first grade boy, waiting for school dismissal, was perched on a desk gazing out the wide school window. I happened to pass by, and asked him what he was looking so intently at. “I am looking at Nature’s window,” he replied, undistracted.

For days I kept thinking about that Nature’s Window thing. The boy had not called it the school window…so I began looking with more wonder at seemingly ordinary outdoor wonders, myself. Noticing fresh new leaves uncurling on the trees, the brilliance of the Dahlias in a neighbors garden, how the fog spreads on the mountains early in the morning. So much creativity in the great living painting outside. I always love looking at the scenery, but the little boy at school challenged my perspective.

So, if God had a “window”, what would He see, when he looks at me and my world? He does see all, very clearly, through the eyes of His fathering love. His view is clear, and He certainly misses nothing. Can I learn, O Lord, to see Your world and Your people with clear perspective too?