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In my pre-trip blog, “Cherry Blossom Express”, I invited you all to stay tuned for my upcoming adventures to Virginia, (near D.C.). To share my happy spring forward into Spring. Since things in Vermont are still in the pre-blossom stages, the prospect of real green scenery was exciting to await!

Hindsight made me realize that me calling for adventures, on my long two-train trip, was not wise; perhaps pleasant uneventful journey would have been safer! You see, I got an adventure, all right!

So, there my second train was, late in the Engineafternoon, all finished with boarding passengers in Philadelphia, when the engine made a queer sound and shut off. The lights in the cars went out. We passengers all sat in our non – moving train, glancing at our watches, and inwardly groaning. God suggested I pray and praise him in my heart, instead.

The Announcement From the Conductor:

“Folks, sorry for the inconvenience. Our engine is currently experiencing technical difficulties, but luckily we are still in the Philly station with access to mechanical help. We will be on our way shortly.” Blah Blah. “Shortly”, is train talk for ‘don’t panic’.

After about 20 minutes, the conductor told us they were going to get us a new engine, which would be there in a few minutes, which I now know is train talk for “whenever.”

No lights yet, not any fresh air, and it was getting a bit darker outside. I plugged into my tablet and listened to praise music. I told God I knew by experience that He would make it all work out, and I pushed back frequent images of all of us getting off the train in the dark with our suitcases and climbing over the tracks to the platforms. No.

So, engine #two arrived, was connected, and tested, and failed. What? Seriously? After some “few minutes” of tinkering with it, they called for another engine! After a lot of “railroad” minutes, it came and…the lights came on and off we went. Late but moving.

I felt like several pages of the children’s book “The Little Engine That Could”. The little train in the story couldn’t get over the mountain, and sought help from other little engines, until the last one came and helped. My husband heard the good news, and tracked our progress on his computer at home. I guess the engine was indeed working, because we were “ripping along at 112 mph!”

“As we got close to the Washington, D.C. station, the conductor came on again.
“Ladies and gentlemen, it is regulation for us that when we stop in the D.C. station we need to switch engines from our electric to Diesel. We apologize for this, and will do this switch as quickly as possible so we can be underway soon. ANOTHER ENGINE! A fourth engine? No mercy for the little train with all the engine changes? It was comical by this time. I could feel a cool blog coming on. At this point I was only 20 minutes from my exit off this train, so what was another engine, after all?

So, four engines and an hour and a half late, I landed at my station, with my family waiting for me in the parking lot behind the now closed station, and felt the Halleluiah in my soul. Happy landing!