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So … winter ended, and spring begins – So it is said.

According to a second grade girl today, swinging in the playground as a few snowflakes twirled through the air, “No. It can’t snow! It never snows in spring. Only in winter.”

Clearly, as snow settled on the car windshields and kept swirling in the air, winter doesn’t know when to end. But birds have come back to Vermont, and buds are starting in our trees, so both beginnings and an end are here.

I think of this little moment today as I am contemplating and processing the very recent death of my sweet 87 year old Mom. In the past few months she was growing weary of struggling with diminishing health. After a sudden trip to the hospital to help her out with her weak heart, she rapidly transitioned to a different ‘season’ in her life. At the very beginning of this month, she left this earth and went to Heaven. Her family expected that end, but it was a difficult ending for us, but a terrific new beginning for her with God. We, her family are still transitioning from ends to beginnings…

Yes, little girl on that swing, winter can still mix up a bit with spring.