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No loss, no problem anyone can encounter can ever be as hard as losing Jesus.
No darkness is as dark as the day when He hung on the cross, and the earth mourned with a darkness that encompassed the whole planet.

We all have days that feel like dawn doesn’t come fast enough…

But no day will compare to the day the disciples of the Lord had to face alone, their Jesus gone, with just memories of a terrifying crucifixion to relive in their minds. All they shared were questions and pain and uncertain futures.

Until –

The day dawned, and the Morning Star arose, and never again would the world be without Jesus!
Jesus ALIVE! What???!

Jesus, a real Man, with flesh and bones, seated in Heaven and giving us love and grace for every sunrise and sunset.

Tomorrow, when I awake, and face a hard day ahead, I don’t have to face it alone. It is always good news….Jesus is alive for me. And for anyone who calls upon Him.

Happy resurrection Day!!