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Even though, here in Vermont, there is still snow, and temps are low, March marks the change of seasons. At least in my mind, it does. Spring is on its way, and Easter is just a few days into April. Moving fast.

Ahhh – the school Spring break is advancing toward me – Maple sap will soon flow in our state. Puddles from melting snow are everywhere, and someone saw birds somewhere!

So, how do I mark this momentous shift, besides putting away winter sweaters?

How do I? Just like my family does – Mom, sisters, daughters and myself: WE MAKE PILLOWS. Yes, that is correct! Pillows to redecorate sofas and beds. Either we cover the former ones from another season, or we make new ones.

Really, who wants Christmas scenes and dark colors around the house when any minute a live flower might pop up outside in the ground! Let them pop up in my house in anticipation. This is a family tradition that is ingrained in us, this pillow exchange. It must be genetic.

Somehow, with all the snowstorms, week after week, I got behind in this task. Then I had to take the train to Virginia to help a daughter when she had a baby. But when I walked into her house, and saw that the great Pillow Exchange had already occurred in her living room. – well, I made fast work of getting that plaid fabric off my own pillows and began the plot to convert!

My trip to the fabric store found so many lovely Spring prints and designs, but I finally settled on two new refreshing ones, a light turquoise one and a bird print. Love it! A small change in my livingroom, but not such a small change to my hungry heart.

What do you have a family “gene” for?