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Storm Coming. Again! They even are naming it on the weather channel. It is the topic of conversation at the grocery stores, on the streets and on the internet. How many inches? Speculate on it … we will know when we go to shovel it.

School just canceled, thankfully … moment of childlike joy. Who doesn’t like a snow day? Chalk it up to being made up in June. We are on the brink …I snuck a quick look outside a few minutes ago and the almost full moon is sitting watchfully in the gathering clouds. Not here yet.

Snow: Natural, abundant, beautiful. A perfect canvas for snow angels, a great surface for sleds, an uncertain terrain for walking on, a blinding sun-catcher. Snow- very Vermont, and certainly a set-up for skiers.

Snow reminds me of being made clean, of a new start, and of God’s forgiveness. Snow covers dry and ugly things like leafless trees and bumpy roads and makes snowmen in schoolyards and front yards. It makes great photos, and a lot of hard outdoor work.

So, there I was during the end of the last recent storm, on recess duty at my elementary school. Thick jacket on, wool scarf wound about my neck, heavy wool hat jammed on over my ears, thick clumsy mittens on, thick socks on good tread boot … sun glasses on ready to endure. Laughter of sledding small children ringing in my muffled ears, I stood next to a similarly clad comrade outside to endure the icy breezes and biting cold. “So, it is my third recess duty of the day,” I commented to the lady at my side.”

“It is not enviable now,” she commented, “but come May, you will be the envy of all the teachers stuck inside. Paid to stand out in the lovely sunshine,”

Well, that took my little pity party down fast. She was right. I needed to see my job in that light. Sure, it was a bit uncomfortable now, but I will love it when spring comes. Hmmmm, I needed to remember to praise God for both sides of this task. My endurance will turn into a sweet blessing soon enough. Halleluiah.