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Scene: Curbside on Friday afternoon at the primary school where I work.

Event: Teachers waiting with a crowd of children for parents to drive up and get their children. Picture 40+ 5-8 year olds kicking snow on the sidewalk, swinging backpacks and making a lot of noise.

Enter the “star” himself, a mischievous, red-headed, freckled, talkative 6 year old lad. He popped up beside me, eager for attention. He chatted away, even as I helped kids into cars, and finally I looked into his shiny face and decided to really pay attention to him.

“Guess what? I got the star student prize for my class today and I got to go to the principals’ office and pick out a prize and I got a ball.” He breathlessly shared to me.
I was excited for him and commended him for his accomplishment.

“Guess what? I really, REALLY, wanted to give that ball to my friend, I really did, but I couldn’t, “my little buddy continued.

“But I think you have a very generous heart to want to give your special prize away.” I commended him. After all, it was his first star prize, and he needed it to remind himself to continue his good behavior at school.

“Yes, yes!” the little boy crowed delightedly. “I do.” He beamed up at me with his shiny blue eyes and freckles. Then he patted his chest and proclaimed loudly, “This is my pumpin’ heart!” Then he flung both arms out widely, reaching up to the sky with his fingertips, “My generous heart is way up high in the sky with Him.”

Wow! I was blow away. High impact moment in the presence of a red-haired imp, with sky-blue eyes looking up. I left the curb feeling like I had just been surprised with a blessing from God.

Heart check: Was my heart as generous as I think it was … do my eyes sparkle with joy and with confidence like this little child? I still remember that fun and wise encounter, and marvel that the Lord will use the unexpected to teach us.