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Suddenly this morning
I remembered
that I forgot!

How could I have done that? I thought it was a pretty entrenched practice in my life by this time. Daily I wake up and name my day, just as the Lord suggested to me softly, so many months ago. I even wrote a blog about it a while ago. So, how many days have I forgotten to do it, really?

I found myself disappointed at myself. Oops, sorry God. Whatever got me so distracted that I forgot to name today? I decided to just move forward and start again. After all, it was a very gentle reminder from the Lord to me, not a problem. Naming my day is a benefit to me…a way to give that day to the Lord and call forth my faith that He is working on my behalf.

As I thought about this I realized that perhaps I had made naming my day routine, and I never want to have my time with God become routine, or a religious exercise. I want a fresh encounter with the Maker of the Universe. So, as I sat at the table enjoying the Sunday-ness of the morning, I really felt like calling today Soul Renewal Day.

As I picked up my coffee again, my eyes caught sight of a journal I bought recently for the cover. I couldn’t resist it at the store, and I have kept it on my kitchen table for weeks now, just to enjoy what it says on the front:
Let Your Soul Shine

Indeed. The Lord is on the soul saving and shining process with us.
“The Lord is my Shepherd…He restores my soul.” (Psalm 23 excerpts)

Look below and you will see a picture of that uplifting journal cover.