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January the ordinary – holidays are over, every day is regular, and there is a slow march to spring on the calendar. I was up early, as usual, to have my coffee, breakfast, and time in the Bible with God. My favorite time of the day. The day ahead was looking very pressured, and I needed to find a better expectation or attitude.

Sipping my coffee, I thumbed past underlined verses, including “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” I love this verse, and I asked God to help me approach the day ahead with more of a positive outlook.

Then I got reminded of a word someone else had received from the Lord, and had written in a devotional. The Lord’s suggestion: Go through the day and gather all the small and big blessings like flowers in a bouquet, to be offered in gratitude to the Lord at the end of the day. I had delighted in the picture that idea drew in my mind, but I had not actually done it. Hmmmm It was not mine yet, for sure.

SO, I remembered, and as I was driving home that day, I drew blessings from my day aloud, flower by flower: the unexpected compliment from a co-worker, the good outcome from a meeting, the hugs from the several children, and a parking space where they do not often happen. Thank you God!

I wanted to dash off a blog about this that night, but I felt I needed to wait. Why? So I could walk this “bouquet gathering” out and make it a habit, first. By the grace of God I enjoy telling God what “flowers of blessings” He has given to me daily. It really makes me recognize His hand in my life more. You can have it, too. Happy picking!