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-17 degrees early this morning and school was still happening. Since I work at both a preschool and an elementary school, that meant dressing very layered, revving up my little car early, and plunging out into the frigid, eerie morning, seeing my breath all around me. No recess though. Yay.

After peeling off the extra layers in my first classroom, I overheard a small child declare “Teacher, the weather is broken.” Blog title for sure. “Broken weather” meant no outdoor activity, so I decided to make a fresh batch of play dough. That always draws a crowd. I have a great and easy recipe, and I selected the packet of Cool-Aid for the coloring, to be the blue one, because that would be a lovely winter blue. Surprise-surprise. Wow. It was hot pink instead blue. I made it up and we had tropical scented, hot tropical pink play dough to brighten up the day. It looked like make-up and smelled like Florida.

So, here is an awesome formula to change a broken weather day into a tropical surprise.

4 cups of white flour.
2 cups of household salt
4 cups of boiling water
1 to 2 packets of pink Cool-Aid (dry)
4 or 5 Tbs. of salad oil

Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Mix the boiling water with the oil and the packets, then pour the hot into the dry and mix. Nice and warm and good.