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So, this lovely lady is almost 86 years old. She uses a walker because she broke a hip a few years ago, and is a bit slower now because she also has congestive heart failure, and an aneurysm in her abdomen. Her sense of taste is departing in a frustrating way, and she is not able to feel anything in her finger tips. This was a hard blow for a lady who spent her life sewing, decorating and cooking.

When this dear lady found that the cataracts in her eyes might cause her to not pass her upcoming drivers license renewal test, she took matters in her hands and got the surgery done, and passed with flying colors. She needed to get around by driving, since she has lived alone since her dear husband went to Heaven many years ago. Every once in a while she would tell me she wondered why the Lord had not taken her home yet.

Then a new retired couple moved into the house across the street from her. At Christmas time the couple had an open house party and this dear lady walked across to meet them with her walker. When I called her recently to chat with her, she eagerly told me of the neighbors, and made this great comment, “Now I know why the Lord hasn’t taken me home to Heaven yet. I need to show love to these dear people, and tell them about the Lord, eventually.

Wow. She knew she had a purpose, still. It gave her a renewed desire to keep reaching out with her life. She is a mighty woman. A giver, and an inspiration.