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Christmas was coming and I wanted to make my own cards again.
On television, at stores, at work, and all about me I kept hearing about “Christmas magic,” and how amazing Santa was.

It seemed like static noise to me. Santa Claus was not at all what Christmas is about, and he does not have “magical” powers to answer prayers. The real Saint Nicholas lived, died and was buried long ago. And Santa Claus, patterned after the real saint, is jolly, and mythical.

Christmas, the real time set apart to wonder over and celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ, was worthy of much more recognition. The world’s ultimate Present, showing us the love of Father God for all people, was born to bring back hope and bequeath real peace.

No matter how or where I looked, no card was really showing that to me. I wanted something fresh to share with anyone I sent our cards to. What to do? I began to search the Bible for a verse that would stand simple and strong. I read and reread all the familiar Christmas story verses in the New Testament, but they did not fit the picture I wanted to draw on the card to go with it.

Then I found it. A verse spoken by a friend of Jesus – Martha – not even connected to the Christmas Birth story, but totally a picture of Jesus’ first coming in Bethlehem, and the second coming we are to expect someday. The location of this verse, that inspired me is John 11:27…spoken to Jesus at the occasion of Jesus about to raise Lazarus from the dead.

“Yes, Lord, I have believed [I do believe] that You are the Christ, the Son of God, [even He] Who was to come into the world. [It is for Your coming that the world has waited]. (Amplified Bible).

The part I put on the card is the simple statement in the Parenthesis. Jesus did not just come at Christmas. He always Is with us and always will be.

So I am including a copy of this card to you praying and hoping that you have the best and most wonder-filled Christmas ever.