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So, I was trying to figure out how to get all my Christmas projects organized in order of need, or importance, when I sighed in frustration and sat on the couch. That is when I heard, softly, “Christmas is a celebration, not a goal.”

After giving that some thought, realizing the truth of it, and trying to let it sink in, I ended up on the couch again. Three projects lay on the coffee table before me. I had a couple of Sunday afternoon hours to do some of this. I got up and turned on our Christmas tree.

Then a sweet little poem came wisping into my mind:

Sitting in quiet
is the best thing for me.
Just to sit with the lights on,
and be.

Much to get done in
so little time,
But the season will get away
if I don’t enjoy now.

So, I linger and listen
to good Christmas hymns,
and breathe in the pine scent,
because the season is
about Him.

It all seemed to help calm my ‘it is almost Monday’, pace.
I pray your December is full of quiet moments and pine scents and peace.