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Get to know your Maker
Get acquainted with your God
Examine your life, and count the amazing gifts
and provisions you have.
Count the luxuries, the good things
and the freedoms and abilities you have.
Count them in wonder

Fling open your heart to respond
in happiness and gratitude. Because
so much overflows to you.

Fling open your mouth and tell God
out loud, how happy you are and
how good He is!

Wow! Amazing, astonishing and
continuous is the flow
of good gifts to you from your
Heavenly Father above.

It is called Thanksgiving
it is a heart response.
It is the very least we can do
for our God.

No one has it as good as someone
who belongs to the Lord!

Go out – so radiantly excited
about your endless blessings
that people want some, too.
That people want Him, too.

God’s arms are wide enough to
Hold the entire world.
Plenty of room,
plenty of plenty,
Plenteous of love,

Get to know the God of all creation
Who is merciful and kind and good and Love.
Seek Him in His Word and
With your heart.

O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever! (Psalm 107:1 Amp)

Happy Thanksgiving!