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Kids, Kids, Kids…
They can sure catch your attention with what they say.
Sometimes they can say very observant, and even poignant things, as anyone who has kids, or works with them knows. Many times a week I will catch a cute thing I hear a small child say as I work among them in school, hoping to remember it to share with someone. Most of the time I end up forgetting it.

But not today.
I was home having a phone conversation with a relative, who told me about something a five year old said to her mother. The little girl was feeling regularly left out in school by her classmates. It hurt, but after a sigh, she told her mother, “ Mom, my body doesn’t want to love them (the kids), but my heart knows I need to love them.”

I wrote that down. Wisdom, pure and honest. Such amazing understanding from a little child. Imagine overlooking offenses and wanting to love anyway.

I am amazed by this God-kind of love, and I want to love people who are hard to love with my heart overruling my head.
Mature. Can I measure up to her?
For certain, I do not want to forget what she said. You can have it for free too.