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It has been a wait for this blog. I really have asked God “What is my blog?”
I waited to hear. Each time I asked this week I then waited to hear.
I mean, I really waited and tried to listen.

Then I would go on doing other things I had to do, occasionally blurting out, “God, what is my blog?” Once I decided to thank Him for the bog He was going to give me.

Hmmm. So I wondered if I was supposed to write about that cute thing a child in school had said to me. Not. I figured I am not listening hard enough. Then I realized it was not about me. This problem was about me being upgraded in my confidence regarding hearing from God. A new level of listening in my inner man. Of not allowing myself to get too pressured to write.

So, I was just sitting here – just writing about writing, when suddenly, in the act of waiting for blog inspiration, I wrote myself into my blog. I had to change the title I had scratched on the writing pad; Blogging Along, because I heard, “No, Blog 149, where are you?

Whew. It is all about learning to be confident in how I receive ideas, and then being vulnerable to others in my lessons.

Halleluia! Blog 149 is born!