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Almost ready to celebrate! We are on the very cusp – rim – edge of a Big Event.
A milestone to me!
I am on my way to that Blog 150! Soon, soon.

I am about to celebrate with all of you who have been encouraging me. I have needed you, because when I began this blog 148 episodes ago, I had no desire, or even intention to write any blogs. But one morning I was reading my email quickly, when I happened upon an article about the importance of writing a consistent blog when one wants to publish someday. That was me. Full of books and needing to publish. But I balked at the idea of adding a blog to my heavy work and creative schedule.

“God, I don’t want to blog at all,” I prayed as I kept thinking of blogging.

“Yes, you do.” The God of the Universe persuaded me softly.
“Well, if I do this blog, promise me You will always give me the ideas. I do not want to do this myself, “I answered; kind of a cross between challenge and capitulating.

Thankfully, the Lord has never missed. Even when He tested my trust often.
What a journey (so far) of learning to listen, discover and trust!
Now that I am at this milestone … what do I plan to do? Collect most of my blogs and put them into a book of the blogs! Both in Kindle form, and a printed book as well. I have a publisher in Maine who will handle it all for me. So exciting! Hope some of you will recommend the book to friends.

Beyond the books, I want to keep on blogging, and I hope you will read and enjoy.