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Be a blog tourist with me for a few paragraphs and see Vermont colors on this end of September weekend. Get up early this morning and look outside the upstairs office window. Notice that tree up close full of red leaves, right in the line of vision, and look beyond to the line of sleepy blue mountains pillowed in fog. It is hard to tear your eyes off the soft innocence of it.

Downstairs, pumpkins of all colors and character are taking over our dining area. It’s tradition. It is God’s art in squash form and I scan farm stands until some of them come home with me. Now I get to pick up leaves of all colors, and overdo that too. Ahhh. Tourists do that…and in the fall, all who come and who live here are color collectors.

This new season is sentimental, way too brief, and a glorious assault to all our senses. Smell that clove dessert, and touch those pumpkins, stuff leaves into purses and pockets. Taste that pumpkin coffee, eat those apples you just picked with me.

Today, come sit with me and my husband by a quiet and radiant Vermont lake. Notice the scratches of birch trunks way over on the other side, settling in with the golden and red tree clusters. Watch in satisfaction as the water ripples to the dock and take hundreds of snapshots with your eyes of the color arrays before you. You really don’t want to leave. So much peace there.IMG_3498W

The brevity of this precious little season makes one very alert and greedy for all it has to offer. There is an urgency to savor deeper, look longer, and linger later over beauty, before it fades away into long white winter. What am I doing? I am remembering ahead…making images and scenes my ‘inner wallpaper’, so they will last longer inside me and warm up my soul. Yes…sweet Autumn …bright like the sliver of moon out tonight veiled in gauzy clouds. Praise God that each season comes around again, year after year. Happy Autumn.