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Scene: Recess for First Grade
Subject: Young Girl
Time: Friday

While on outdoor recess duty I overheard a six year old girl tell another adult exultantly,
“My birthday is in the month of Remember!”
“Dear,” the other adult corrected gently, “there is no month called Remember.”
“But that is when my birthday is,” the child insisted.

“Maybe September? Or October?”
She shook her head.
“It could be November or December, that you are thinking of?”
Never decided, the girl tired of it and ran off. But I had overheard and the phrase stuck with me. What a precious idea … a month called Remember.

Hmmm … We just remembered 9/11. Remembering can be painful and poignant. Or in the next three months we will collectively in our society celebrate, or remember Veterans Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, The Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of fall, Christmas…not in any order in this list. All these are times to remember giving, family, thanks, tears, religious ceremonies, etc.

We remember times and often commemorate them, and share these times with others. Sort of months of remembrances. Summer is about to go, and I am nostalgic about our short summer, looking forward to more good times. I know you are too.

Happy Birthday little girl on the playground, whenever it truly is … and thank you for thinking of a month called Remember. I kind of like the idea.