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Ok. I called this the chiffonier saga because chest-of-drawers saga does not have that elusive draw. You see, after our very rapid and blog documented recent move, my husband and I have been in a pattern of unpacking and settling in. A process, to say the least. We have had to give ourselves time to get done. One of the last piles to face still is my prolific art and writing stuff. This summer was the appointed time to face the challenge!

Labor Day weekend. Our strategy: dive through the yard sales window of opportunity while it was still open. Our objective: Find a chest of drawers, (bureau, highboy, dresser, or, of course, chiffonier). Perfect place to load away papers, journals, and art supplies! This might be our last chance to find one second hand.

Armed with the garage sale section of the newspaper, and our coffee drinks, we got up early and prayed for God to help us, and went hunting. At an early stop, I spotted a great little white dresser in the garage of a sale, and hastened over to it. A bit small, but only $15. Sold. Oh. Disappointed. A bit of a letdown. We headed out to search other sales. Yard to yard – nothing. We had heard of a second hand furniture store at the edge of town, but it was closing in 20 minutes. We drove there quick. As we drove into the driveway of the store there sat a lovely, narrow, but tall wicker chest of drawers. Oh, Yes!

Sold. What? Again?

No chiffonier. We were a bit let down. Figured that God would find a way some time to meet our need, but we were plum garage-saled out. Heading for the farmers market, we found we had to go in the back street because the main street entrance was closed off. On the side of the little street was a newly opened boutique shop. As I looked at it I felt we should pop in. Within minutes of going inside, my husband had found his prey….a lovely chest of drawers, just the right size and price. Halleluia. We made a great find, and a new friend inside. God’s ways are mysterious sometimes, but it is always an adventure to ask for His help to meet a need.