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Ok, I am back from my brief but memorable visit out west. I went to Arizona to see my sister and her husband, then off to California to visit my 85 year old mom and other siblings and their families.

Bags unpacked, thank you notes sent. Memories were rebooting over and over in my mental camera. Awesome Tucson mountains, sweet sister times, looking at family photos on her laptop – then lovely California at my Mother’s home. Sitting outside in her yard, soaking in the million dollar view of lush mountains and huge skies. Hearing wonderful old family stories, and trying to write them down. And hearing familiar ones again polishing my memory.

I had such priceless reunion times with family. Then the time was over. It was, of course, hard to watch the calendar move from day to day as it advanced toward my leave-taking. Inevitably the moment to pack and head to the airport, came. Last hugs shared, last looks backward. My heart carries forward a suitcase of special remembrances that I can keep and share,

I am indeed much richer for the trip – my life well nourished with soul fattening times!