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Episode 2 of my Western Chronicles 😉

“This is your pilot! We have reached 35,000 feet for our present altitude. We have 1,990 nautical miles to our destination; Baltimore.”

Securely in my seat, I looked down out of the plane window as we left Los Angeles California on the way to the Baltimore Airport. I had expected to see cities below, but instead, the scene below me was so fascinating, that I could not pull away for many of those “nautical miles.” Here we were so high and yet we seemed to be barely above the giant Sierra Nevada Mountains!

Inspiring wonder, the giant sand painted desert swirled and undulated below, dipping into canyons and draping mountains with beauty. Primitive, intense, untouched and color ridden – no place to be lost in, but enthralling from above. Had our early pioneers needed to cross this fiercely beautiful place?

Up there, leaning up against the glass window of the plane, I pondered the Creator of this desert painting. I felt like I could sing over the sky “Lifter of my plane, Holder of my life.”

A few more of those nautical miles, then, quite startling – a brute of a cloud came bursting into view, like a gigantic ghost locomotive advancing above the desert! It’s monolithic white form was surrounded by pebbles of white cloudlets scattered at it’s base. Back to being enthralled again by the sun-painted billows and quilled cloud spikes, I watched the blue shadows they cast upon the hot desert floor. Ahhhh. Such peaceful, silent pageantry…reminding me briefly of God’s everlasting arms beneath me like pillows of assurance. Safety. Majesty!

“The eternal God is your refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms….” Deut. 33:27a