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Episode 1 of my Western Chronicles 😉

My suitcases were overcrammed as I packed to leave for a visit to my sister in Tucson. This was the first leg of my ‘westward ho” adventure. Exciting. But I still had to find a spot for the length of fabric I had on my table. This fabric had found me in the sewing section of a local store and as I fingered it, I heard “get it for your sister – it will make her new room pop.” Huh? That small inner voice sounded playful , but I wondered if it was God or me. I did know that my sister had just decorated the guest room in pale yellow and pale gray colors and graphic designs. But this fabric I had was in darker grays and bright yellows. Totally well done and I liked it myself…,but at the last minute my hand remembered who I had bought it for.

So the fabric gift was revealed to my sister, in her home, when I finally remembered it.

“Oh, yes, it is so perfect!” my sister exclaimed excitedly. “Look.” She took the piece and held it up to the chair in the corner where the color scheme was darker. “It’s perfect for a pillow here. It really makes the area pop.”

Pop. “It will make her new room pop!” Go figure God. He cares even about decorating-and knows where a room needs a pop of color, even if it has to travel across the nation to get there.

So, I made the pillow for her in Tucson.

It popped!