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On Friday morning my husband and I had our plans set up for our Saturday fun. Since a local little town was having their annual book sale, and we liked that sale, it was all set. Until…the neighbor next door ran into me outside that afternoon and joyously proclaimed “Oh Debbi, Brandon is having their townwide sale tomorrow!”

Game changer. Brandon, a lovely Vermont town we used to live in always had a fabulous and extravagant town yard sale day. There was a sparkle in my tomorrow plans now. Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny, and off we went. It wasn’t a hunt, it was a discovery day. We needed a chest of drawers for art supplies, but we set off with a free feeling, in the smiling sun, walking about just looking. Stuff found us! It was amazing. We had prayed for God to find stuff for us, and He must like yard sales! It was not long before we came to a lovely home with a rack of lovely new ladies jeans and black pants from a famous maker, for a dollar a pair. New. I bought four and almost danced away.

So, happy me progressed to another lovely home where my husband came upon brand new dress men’s pants his size, for the fall season, for almost nothing. Unexpected and perfect. Now we did not have to go look for a fall supply. And then God had a great treat hidden for me. Literally, hidden. There was a yard sale and I did not see anything, but just before we left, I spotted a small disheveled pile of books. Intrigued by the corner of the bottom one, I pulled it out. Wow. Worth the whole trip to me. The most lovely antique children’s book was in my hands, in lovely condition. I fervently prayed that it was not costly. Twenty-five cents. Sigh with joy. The dessert to the day. All planned by the Lord I love, so I have to give Him credit.