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Ahhh, another nice morning at my big, old country table. I am spread out on the top with my Bible, my colored pens and journals. After I am done, I munch breakfast, and study the neighborhood garage sale list. My husband has a meeting to go to, so I will check out a few yard sales alone.

As I was exploring the really nice clothes at one nice yard, my good friend and her sister overtook me with hugs. All part of the fun of Saturday “hunting”. They left, then a few minutes later my cell phone rang. “Debbi, you have to come over here quick! I found a great table for you, with four chairs. Only $40!”

Wait – buy a table?

Zip backwards in time. We recently moved, downsizing a bit, and it was comfy. For us, but not for our country table. I wedged that wonderful family table into what space there was in the dining room, and tried to ignore the bad squeeze. This table and I had history…eighteen years of family times and fun on it and at it. Cookie making times and dress patterns laid out on the top, present wrapping.,Thanksgiving dinners and homework sessions.

My first and most precious memory was the day I got the kitchen table. Or rather, it got me. I was out to find a new kitchen table with my then teenage daughter, and we saw a lovely country table with six matching chairs at a classy yard sale. My daughter saw it and literally grabbed it with a body hug and refused to leave without it. I protested that it was too big, too expensive. I had no way to get it to the house. Etc. The table had us for a family.

Zip back to now, and our need to find a nice, smaller table. And there it sat, at the yard sale right next to my two friends. They guarded it for me. I wasn’t ready. Too fast. Give me time to think and decide and think about parting with my family table. I wanted to fling myself across it and not decide. But I had to decide. And good friends had found a well-made oval wood table with four great chairs for $40, and it seemed like a God intervention. He found us a friend’s truck to borrow for transport to our dining room, and a great organization to give my country table away to. It all happened so fast.

Now, new table is in, old is just fond memories, and my life is ready for what is to come. Ready, set, go.