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Out there is not just empty, meaningless space
with some outbreaks of random,
lifeless solar systems –
but an endlessly increasing, pulsating
mighty space, inhabited by the force
of an ever-increasing God –
Who is totally aware of everything .
It’s a space filled with promise,
not wasted, not random.
But a place of substance, mysterious, full of intention,
A place of creative possibilities beyond our thinking –
full of our God of the Creative Eyes.

Get it right in your thinker –
because no matter how dark it looks
in a world of circumstances,
it could be an entirely different universe in your mind!

Oh, the creative thoughts!
Oh, the possibilities that can actuate you
with God’s plan!
Oh, the beauty of loveliness
in that mind of yours…
Let it expand, safely, wildly,
in Him.

Go into His stronghold –
shut the castle gates on the enemy lies,
pull up the drawbridge,
and force the enemy to leave.

Then, open the outside gates
to the Garden of Eden
in your mind and see Him.
See pastures, safety, promise, eternity!
It is the real, real world.
God can show you in your spirit man.

When you belong to Him,
you are not occupying a tiny mind alone,
but rather a vast, creative connection
with the Father of Creation.
You are made in His likeness,

Given the freedom – the mind of Christ
to share in His revelations!

No limitations! Think lovely, pure, creative,
huge, outreaching and outrageous possibilities
with the THINKER Himself.

Oh, what the Lord can do with a
faith-filled, free of fear, anointed mind.
Set your mind in subjection to the Spirit – So He can grow in you!
See the door open up in Heaven
in the eye of your mind.
See Him saying to you – “Come up here.”

Yes, there is a lot of darkness about –
But, take heart!
God created the universe with us in mind.

Submit in joyous trust to the mind of Christ.