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Honestly, when you move to a new home, you find yourself so often retracing your steps – wondering where you put this or that – or which box you left it in this time.

This person is me, asking God the plaintive, familiar question “God, have You seen where I put my keys? “God, where did I put my purse? I am late.” “God help me find…..where did I leave…..Where is it, Lord?”

I sometimes envision a team of frustrated angels looking for yet again another of my misput items. I need to get better at “parking” my things and remembering where they are. It is not funny. Especially when I can’t find my foot.


The pressure foot of my sewing machine! That foot. A very small but all important little piece for sewing. About the size of my thumb. No quizzing heaven found it. It got lost in the move. I had crawled all over the floors looking for it. I am not surprised, as it snaps off easily, but until the new one comes in the mail, no sewing.

So, what is my point? Not sure, except it gave me a fun blog title and I need a bit of humor. May you never lose a foot. Blessings