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Finally – summer vacation! It sparkles sweetly ahead of me. I work at a primary school all year, and it is over. For weeks I planned what I would do during these eight, delicious weeks. Write my book and get it done, draw some illustrations, see some family and totally finish unpacking our new place, so we are moved in! A lot to do, (if you saw all the boxes, you’d agree.) The action-packed weekend is over…it is Monday, and I am ready to fit a lot in. Mental list ; Post office, get a box out of the attic of our old apartment if I could, run to Wal-Mart, get the deposits into the bank, then sit on my porch after unpacking and read…ahhhhh. A full and somewhat overfull day ahead.

At breakfast I was contemplating the day I had made, when I remembered that the palette of “choose your own life” is not nearly as free as surrendering the flow of my day, and my days to the Maker of all my days, my Heavenly Planner. So I told the Lord to order my day. God hand-wrote all my days before time, and I asked Him to direct my vacation.

“Call your friend,” He suggested, as I got ready for the adventure of today. So I did. She invited me to come over, at eleven o’clock, so I needed to get to the bank and drop off my deposit. Not enough time before my visit to stand in the Post Office line, so I dropped by a favorite little store for a few minutes. God had a sweet surprise for me there. On the sale table lay a large, white journal, with finely drawn antique stopwatches and timepieces on it. Charming, and marked down to six dollars. I got it and felt excited about using it soon. My heart did a little skip of joy.

My visit with my special friend was very relaxing and longer than I thought I would have. Satisfied with God’s set up, I did the post office errand, and then went home. While I surveyed the boxes and thought about the jobs I needed to get done, my new neighbors next door got home and I went over to greet them, and chat, then had a bit of lunch and before I knew it, several boxes were done and my husband came home.

Monday night is usually my evening to listen to worship music while my husband is at a meeting, and I sat Timeand let the lyrics of the music speak to me. They did. “It is only in surrender that I am free,” I heard one song say, and it really fit into what the Lord had told me. Now I was thinking about the importance of relationships and what freedom really is. “Don’t live on Yankee time,” I heard the Lord whisper to me. Hmmmmm

But He was not done with me yet. As I was writing this, I noticed that beautiful white journal on the table near me. I really noticed it. It had timepieces drawn on it. Time. A lovely reminder that this day had been a lesson on Who really governs it for me.

I wonder what I will get to do tomorrow?