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Such an intensely busy weekend, my husband and I still caught up in the final throes of our big move from one upper half of a house apartment – to one townhouse apartment across town. This holiday weekend we moved boxes and cartons and containers of memories and photos and projects in progress, and our whole eight years of life accumulations in cars and trucks and in vans, and were fairly numb with exhaustion. Then I stood at the lovely picture window of the place we are leaving and a moment seemed to take me…here it was Memorial day, and I was not only remembering how grateful I was for my father who fought in WWII, and all others who protected out country and defended her, like my husband and son, but I was seeing a memory parade of our life right in that home. Ha! What fun my landlady friend and I had for so many years here. What lovely Christmas parties, and Bible Studies had occurred in the very living room I was standing in. A room empty of furniture and curtains, but not of the memories. Why, a huge tree in the front yard was felled by the Noricane that blew several years ago. Missed the house narrowly, as my husband and the family downstairs prayed God would have it miss the house. And the snowstorms I watched from the front windows, and the times I could see my husband come home from up there…

It was hard to face saying goodbye to such a familiar and kindly place, and that heart parade reminded me that difficult and sweet will parade past our minds at just such times. But it was a good thing to allow the past to touch me. To allow that time to say goodbye to the old before I press forward into the new. I gratefully wave goodbye to that full past, just as I wave my flag in memory of brave people who fought for us.

May your memories be clear and make you strong and grateful.