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The heavens declare,
the stars tell,
the birds sing about,ocean waves roar about,
trees clap their hands for,
rock record,
and angels praise ;

All creation and created things sing and shine and vibrate and move for Him!
For the God who created all.

If you are not able to hear it all, or perceive it, or join in – oh- such a loss!
Such an unfinished time for you…..for it is a symphony, Life is, and all may have a part in it.

All can be caught up into His encompassing Nature, and His extreme worthiness and beauty.

Well, so many varieties of butterflies, and flowers, not just one kind, so intriguing, but not more so than
their Creator!

If there is DNA and molecules, and subatomic particles and sound waves, and infinity, and far reaches
of unknown…if a creature can exist where no eye can see it, and yet baffle scientists with its complexity…they why not God?

Marvel  Be awed   Filled with Wonder   Adoration   Be amazed and lift up your eyes.

With the earth filled with the Glory of God, and He Himself names billions of stars, be speechless with wonder
and ask yourself   ” What can He now know or Do?”