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This is like part two of the ongoing saga of our upcoming move across our city to a townhouse apartment. I am finding out that there are a lot of lessons in this venture, and some of them are not as pleasant as others.

How can two people have so much stuff after eight years of living in the same spot? I can regret it all I want, but that “stuff,” good stuff, is looking at us and potentially filling way too many boxes. I need to be almost brutal in letting go – sigh. Many years ago The Lord gave me a few standards that were important to remember … one of them being “Hold nothing tightly but My Hand.” That one came back before me in capital letters as I sat and sorted through my very extensive children’s book collection. I read to kids, I have tons of children in my life, and I have a passion for beautiful old and more recent children’s books. I don’t want to give them up, but I need to.

Now it was time to choose well and give many away. My floor is right now littered with piles to decide from. I picked them, in the first place, because they are very special … Lord! But I knew a nudge when I was getting one. And I knew that this was just the beginning of the decisions and the giving away. It began to get easier as I thought of the children that I could give them to. It was not easy, but easier.

New places mean new experiences and letting go of many things and habits associated with the former place. I am just getting past the book giveaway, and now it is time to dig into the closets … take a deep breath…

Stay tuned!